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Simply more future.

“We think in systems.”

Interview with CEO Jochen Engelke.

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Simply more


The efficiency machine.

The new LA S-TU series: An air-to-

water heat pump that raises the bar.

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Simply more comfort.

Finally. Dimplex does away

with the heating curve.

The new Dimplex Smart Room Heating App.

Always the right temperature, always

maximum efficiency.

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Simply more ingenious.

The quick-fit system.

The new Air 56 air distribution system: Amazingly

few components. Extremely simple and fast to install.

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Simply more simplicity.

All this and more.

Complete split program, new hot water heat pumps, etc.

All the highlights at a glance.

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Information from Dimplex.

We ensure perfect temperatures – in

apartments and buildings, big and small,

private and industrial. We supply the

heating, the cooling, the ventilation. Simply

more system, for simply more efficiency.

The Dimplex Plus Magazine presents

the world of Dimplex, featuring product

highlights, background information and

handy tips. Simply a great read.