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Dimplex HeatPumpApp

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Convenient remote control for your Dimplex heat pump

The Dimplex HeatPumpApp makes operating your Dimplex heat pump child's play in no time at all. This App gives you direct access to the heat pump manager of your Dimplex heat pump via iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as via smartphones with Android operating system.

Function overview:*

  • Quick and convenient monitoring of the heat pump status
  • Access to the current operating data and the operating data history
  • Changing modes and set temperatures
  • Heating curve raising and lowering times
  • Access to domestic ventilation units from the series ZL … V / ZL … H / ZL … H-C

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To enable the range of functions to be tested, the HeatPumpLite version comes with access to a demo system

Dimplex HeatPumpApp Screenshot
Dimplex HeatPumpApp Screenshot
Dimplex HeatPumpApp Screenshot

System requirements:

The minimum system requirement for using the HeatPumpApp is a Dimplex heat pump with WPM 2004, WPM 2006, WPM 2007 or WPM EconPlus heat pump manager, as well as the NWPM extension for integration in the local network using a router.

The App requires iOS 4.3 or Android 2.2.0 or higher. The smartphone must be connected to the local network via W-LAN to enable access to the heat pump manager via the App.

HeatPumpApp and HeatPumpLite currently support the languages German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Polish.

Further information, as well as the assembly and installation instructions for the NWPM extension, are available at

For technical support and planning assistance, please contact Dimplex by telephone at 09221/709-562 or by e-mail at

We are happy to advise you and help you plan to suit your individual requirements!

Your Dimplex Team

* The functions provided depend on the configuration of the heat pump heating system and its components


Operating mode:


Summer (external sensor deactivated)

Party (temperature lowering at night temporarily deactivated)

Vacation (temporarily reduced operation)


Auxiliary heat generator (heat pump off)

Status displays:

Heat pump is OFF

Heat pump is blocked

Heat pump is carrying out function

Heat pump is heating

Heat pump is cooling (active or passive)

Heat pump is generating domestic hot water

Heat pump is heating swimming pool

Status displays  Ventilation:

Ventilation off

Ventilation auto

Ventilation level 1

Ventilation level 2

Ventilation level 3

Ventilation intermittent ventilation

Additional displays:

Auxiliary heat generator active


HeatPump App

HeatPump App

HeatPumpApp for iPhone and iPad

Convenient remote control of the heat pump manager

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