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Radiant Panel Heaters
Radiant Panel Heaters

Radiant Panel Heaters

High-tech heating comfort to indulge in

Modern technology and innovative design prepare the way for a new era of direct heating devices. Their energy-efficient operation and their low purchasing costs make these direct heating devices with their controlled high-tech heating convenience perfectly suited to renovation projects and a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quiet, cosy tile stove.

The radiant heat of our FPE direct heating devices is directly transferred to where it will be perceived as being comfortable. This type of heating system is ideal for heating rooms with high ceilings (standard convectors cause the warm air to rise). Our new, electronic control system ensures precise temperature regulation. This new type of direct heating is especially efficient thanks to centrally controlled lowering of the temperature at night and efficient heat radiation.

Our FPE series of radiant panel heaters offers a wide selection of devices designed for vertical and horizontal mounting. All of them feature a streamlined, powder-coated metal casing.

Radiant panel heaters for heat transfer

Whichever series you choose – all of our radiant panel heaters are ideal for either meeting all of your heating requirements or smartly supplementing your existing heating system.

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