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Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Hot Water

Dimplex offers the perfect DHW device for any application.

More comfort and less energy consumption

The complete range of modern DHW devices from Dimplex offers you customised solutions for all your electrical DHW preparation needs. Whether you require local or centralised DHW preparation, we have a wide selection of convenient, modern and economical products for you to choose from.

Centralised domestic hot water supply:

If a centralised domestic hot water supply is implemented, all of the extraction points are supplied from one DHW preparation device. A hot water heat pump can be implemented as an especially efficient type of centralised DHW supply system. The main benefits of a centralised DHW supply system include very low operating costs when operated with electricity supplied at a low tariff, minimal space requirements and simple operation.

Local domestic hot water supply:

If a local DHW supply system is implemented, each device supplies only one extraction point, e.g., a sink or washbasin.

Devices designed for group supply provide several extraction points with hot water. A shower and a washbasin can, for example, both be supplied with hot water by one flow heater or wall-mounted cylinder/tank in the bathroom.

Short pipe runs are a special advantage of this type of local DHW supply system. This reduces not only heat losses and possible circulation losses, but also prevents valuable drinking water from being wasted. Further benefits include exact cost accounting for multiple dwellings and quick and easy installation. Local DHW supply systems are thus often an attractive and efficient alternative for system planning.

Individual DHW requirements

Domestic hot water consumption largely depends on lifestyle, the number of occupants in the house and the specific type of application. For example, bathing requires more hot water than taking a shower. Often, however, the required water temperatures are also different. Lower temperatures are normally required in bathrooms, and higher temperatures in kitchens.

The following table can be used to estimate your water consumption and select the hot water solution that most fits your needs.

Estimated hot water consumption in bathroom and kitchen
Hot water consumption acc. to VDI 2067
Litres/day/person at 45 °C (bathroom)
Litres/day/person at 60 °C (kitchen)
Low consumption
Medium consumption
High consumption

Average hot water consumption (HEA)
Water volume in litres at
40 °C
Water volume in litres at
60 °C
Washing hands
Dish water, daily consumption for 2 persons
Dish water, daily consumption for 4 persons
Water for hot drinks per 8 cups
1 (boiling)
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