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Reversible air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation. Incl. domestic hot water preparation.

  SG Ready

Package for heating and cooling consisting of a high efficiency air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation and Hydro-tower with integrated heat pump manager.

Heat pump

  • Extremely quiet thanks to sound-optimised casing and sound-insulated compressor housing
  • High efficiency thanks to high-performance evaporator, EC fan and COP booster
  • Integration of intelligent room temperature controllers (Smart RTC) enables a further increase in system efficiency
  • Flexible expansion options via 2 mixer outputs for bivalent operation and/or the control of mixed heating circuits
  • Use of load-variable tariffs (SG Ready)


  • Minimal installation effort thanks to the space-optimised combination of buffer tank and domestic hot water cylinder
  • Simple commissioning with integrated heat pump manager and optimally coordinated hydraulic components
  • Demand-based supplementary heating via switchable pipe heater (2/4/6 kW)
Electronically controlled circulating pumps for the generator, heating water circuit and domestic hot water preparation, energy efficiency EEI ≤ 0.20; heating water circuit free compression of 60000 Pa at a heating water flow rate of 1.15 m3/h. The electrical connection between the heat pump and the Hydro-tower takes place via a shielded 2-wire data cable (e.g. LiYY; cross-section 0.6 mm²) not included in the scope of supply Silent cooling via panel heating/cooling systems requires the use of the room temperature controller with humidity sensor (RTM Econ) and a mixed heating circuit to regulate the flow temperature on the basis of the air temperature and humidity of a reference room. (Spectrum of efficiency classes A+++ to D)

Seal of approval EHPA

European Heat Pump Association - EHPA

Technical data

Reversible air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation. Incl. domestic hot water preparation.
Order reference HPL 6S-TURW

*Heat output and coefficient of performance (COP) according to EN 14511

**Please note that additional space is required for pipe connections, operation and maintenance.

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