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Reversible air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation. Incl. domestic hot water preparation.

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Package for heating and cooling consisting of a high efficiency air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation and Hydro-tower with integrated heat pump manager.

Heat pump

  • Simple hydraulic connection via the flexible connection kit (VS 32-220) provided
  • Extremely quiet thanks to sound-optimised casing and sound-insulated compressor housing
  • High efficiency thanks to high-performance evaporator, EC fan and COP booster
  • Integration of intelligent room temperature controllers (Smart RTC) enables a further increase in system efficiency
  • Flexible expansion options via 2 mixer outputs for bivalent operation and/or the control of mixed heating circuits


  • Minimal installation effort thanks to the space-optimised combination of buffer tank and domestic hot water cylinder
  • Simple commissioning with integrated heat pump manager and optimally coordinated hydraulic components
  • Demand-based supplementary heating via switchable pipe heater (2/4/6 kW)
Silent cooling via panel heating/cooling systems requires the use of the room temperature controller with humidity sensor (RTM Econ) and a mixed heating circuit to regulate the flow temperature on the basis of the air temperature and humidity of a reference room. Heat circuit circulating pump free compression 5 m at a heating water flow rate of 1.5 m3/h. Energy efficiency index EEI ≤ 0.20. (Spectrum of efficiency classes A+++ to D)

HWK 332 Econ

Hydro Tower with WPM EconPlus

The Hydro-tower with integrated heat pump manager enables fast and simple connection of a high-efficiency air-to-water heat pump installed outdoors to a heating system with an unmixed heating circuit. The following components are mounted in a space-saving way and wired ready to use:

  • Switchable pipe heater (2/4/6 kW) for support for space heating
  • Buffer tank (100 l) with installation option for an additional immersion heater (up to CTHK 634)
  • Domestic hot water cylinder 300 l with 3.2 m² tube heat exchanger and 1.5 kW flange heater for thermal disinfection
  • Electronically regulated circulating pump wired ready to use for unmixed heating circuits (consumer circuit)
  • Auxiliary circulating pump for generator circuit and domestic hot water circulating pump
  • The hydraulic isolation of the generator circuit and the consumer circuit is carried out via two differential pressureless manifolds (bypass pipes), which are each fitted with a check valve.
To reduce the runtimes, the unregulated auxiliary circulating pump in the generator circuit is only operated when the compressor is running and when there is a risk of frost. The uniform flow through the buffer tank connected in series extends the runtimes of the compressor and ensures the required heating water flow rate in all operating modes. Access for service work from the front, no minimum clearances required on the sides. Left and right-side wall installation is possible.


Technical data

Reversible air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation. Incl. domestic hot water preparation.
Order reference HPL 18S-TURW

*Heat output and coefficient of performance (COP) according to EN 14511

**Please note that additional space is required for pipe connections, operation and maintenance.

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