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Brine-to-Water Heat Pumps
Brine-to-Water Heat Pumps

Brine-to-Water Heat Pumps for Heating and Domestic Hot Water Preparation

Dimplex brine-to-water heat pumps utilise free energy which is transferred via a heat exchanger to a mixture of anti-freeze and water, the so-called brine.

Various systems are available as a heat source

Ground heat collectors are laid horizontally; nothing may be constructed on top of them. The heat exchangers consist of pressure-resistant pipes laid approx. 1.20 below ground level.
If there is not enough horizontal space or if additional cooling is required, borehole heat exchangers are drilled vertically into the ground.
Numerous companies produce waste heat which can be utilized by bringing it to a higher temperature level using brine-to-water heat pumps.

The right heat pump for every application

Special accessories

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