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High-efficiency brine-to-water heat pump

  SG Ready

Heat pump for heating purposes for indoor installation with integrated WPM Econ5Plus control. Variable connection options for brine and heating connections on the back board of the casing. Integrated solid-borne sound insulation for direct connection to the heating system. Sound-optimised through insulated metal casing and double vibration-isolated compressor. High coefficients of performance (COP) with economiser and compliance with the requirements of EN 14511 for larger volume flows on the heat consumption side. Sensor monitoring of the refrigeration circuit for a high degree of operational safety and integrated thermal energy metering (display of the calculated quantity of thermal energy for heating and domestic hot water preparation on the WPM Econ5Plus heat pump manager). The control panel is integrated in a design screen and can also be used as wired remote control using the wall mounting set (special accessories MS PGD). Universal design with optional domestic hot water preparation and flexible expansion possibilities for:

  • Bivalent or bivalent-renewable operating mode
  • Distribution systems with unmixed and mixed heating circuits
  • Use of load-variable tariffs (SG Ready)
Soft starter, load contactor for brine circulating pump, integrated flow and return sensor; external sensor (standard NTC-2) and dirt filter for brine circuit included in the scope of supply. Brine package and brine circuit manifold must be ordered separately.

Seal of approval MCS

Microgeneration Certification Scheme - MCS

Technical data

High-efficiency brine-to-water heat pump
Order reference SI 22TU
Heat pump code4006
Casing colourWhite (similar to RAL 9003)
Max. flow temperature58 °C
Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation) / Upper operating limit heat source (heating operation)-5 to 25 °C
Heat output B0/W35 / COP B0/W35*22,9 kW / 4,4
Heat output B0/W45 / COP B0/W4522,3 kW / 3,6
Nominal power consumption according to EN 14511 at B0/W354,93 kW
Sound power level53 dB (A)
Refrigerant / Amount of refrigerantR407C / 3,7 kg
Max. heating water flow rate / Pressure drop4,0 m³/h / 31000 Pa
Heat source flow (min.)5,5 m³/h
Dimensions (W x H x D)**650 x 845 x 665 mm
Weight184 kg
Rated voltage3/N/PE ~400 V, 50 Hz
Starting current25 A
Fuse protection***C 20 A
Connection heating1 ¼ inch
Heat source connection1 ½ inch
Seal of approval MCS (valid until)Yes

*Heat output and coefficient of performance (COP) according to EN 14511

**Please note that additional space is required for pipe connections, operation and maintenance.

***Die Absicherung ist als allpolige Trennvorrichtung auszuführen (gemeinsame Abschaltung aller Phasen)!

Documents and downloads

Data sheetProduct data sheet with system accessories» via e-mail
Instruction for useInstruction for use» via e-mail
Operating instructions for users for the heat pump managerOperating instructions for users for the heat pump manager» via e-mail
Operating instructions for installers for the heat pump managerOperating instructions for installers for the heat pump manager» via e-mail
Equipment dataEquipment data» via e-mail
Declaration of conformityDeclaration of conformity» via e-mail
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