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Water-to-water heat pump WI 14TU
Water-to-water heat pump WI 14TU

Water-to-water Heat Pumps with Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchangers

The Dimplex TE series of water-to-water heat pumps offer high-performance heating convenience in a compact design requiring very little floor space. Practically all different classes of ground water qualities can be regulated to achieve a heat output of up to 27 kW. The robustness of this model sets new standards. An innovative coil heat exchanger made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with sealed, welded seams ensures that the unit operates reliably.

The heat exchanger is additionally protected against local internal freezing by not splitting the water flow into separate channels which are subject to freezing.

High-efficiency water-to-water heat pumps

Water-to-water heat pumps (230 V)

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