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Dimplex heat pumps with DACH/EHPA seal of approval

European Heat Pump Association - EHPA

What are the advantages of a heat pump with a seal of approval?

The seal of approval means that the products are energy efficient, high-quality and reliable, and also means additional services from the after-sales service sector.

For the consumer, the purchase of a heat pump with a seal of approval is the first step towards an efficient heat pump heating system.

Before the seal of approval is awarded, the heat pump is tested by an independent testing agency. One of the factors is the coefficient of performance, a characteristic for the energy efficiency of the heat pump. Only heat pumps with the minimum coefficient of performance defined for this test are awarded the DACH/EHPA seal of approval.


Which Dimplex heat pumps have this seal of approval?


Air-to-water heat pumps for outdoor installation

Air-to-water heat pumps for indoor installation

Brine-to-water heat pumps

Water-to-water heat pumps

Hot water heat pumps

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Air-to-water heat pumps for outdoor installation (Archive)

  • 041HOIAOW2D0020
  • 041HOIAOW2D1020
  • 041HOIAOW2D2020
  • 041HOIAOW2D3020
  • 041HOIAOW2D4020
  • 061HOIAOW4D0020
  • LAK 6IMR
  • LAW 6IMR

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Status: 04.07.2020


The Dimplex testing laboratory for heat pumps was among the first in Germany to be certified by the VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies). Certification according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 guarantees a minimum standard for the equipment in the laboratory and the technical knowledge of the employees. This means that even Dimplex heat pumps without this seal of approval are tested on a recognised test station.


>>VDE inspection certificate for download


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