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Heater mat planner for thin mortar bed heater mats

The heater mat planner allows the creation of installation plans according to spatial geometry, fixtures and storage spaces.

During planning, type HM..TS heater mats with single-sided connections, and HM..SF with different installation widths can be taken into consideration.

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Menu item: "Sanitary ware"

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Menu item: "Result"

Online variant:

Planning and printing of the materials list is carried out on the Dimplex website directly.
To do this, the Adobe Shockwave Player (from Version 10.2r22) must be installed.

You can download the latest version of the Shockwave Player here:

Shockwave Player Download

Download variant:

The software files will be downloaded directly from the internet and installed on the computer. When installed, the planning software can be used even when not connected to the internet.

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