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Noise calculation

Noise calculation

This online calculator is used to determine the estimated noise immissions of DIMPLEX air-to-water heat pumps for outdoor installation and their assessment with regard to the requirements of the Technical Instructions on Noise (TA-Lärm). It should be noted here that only the guideline value for the night hours (loudest time of the night) is taken into account, as this is a much stricter requirement. The results can be used to check whether the requirements of the Technical Instructions on Noise (TA-Lärm) are met at the relevant distance in the surrounding rooms requiring protection, or if the distance has to be changed (increased). The basis for the calculation is the estimated forecast method of the Technical Instructions on Noise (TA-Lärm) (August 1998), which can not be equated with an individual immissions forecast in the event of neighbourhood disputes.

Selection of the heat pump

The data for the heat pump could not be determined.

Estimation of the sound pressure level from the sound power
Please enter the distance
The entered distance is invalid
Invalid direction factor
Tonality/information content KT = 0 dB 3 dB 6 dB
Impulsiveness KI = 0 dB 3 dB 6 dB
Times of day with high sensitivity = 0 dB 6 dB
Rating level from Lwa: Lr = dB(A)
Immission reference values for immission points outside buildings
AreaTimeReference valueImmission value
complied with
Industrial areaAll day70 dB(A)
Mixed areaDay-time60 dB(A)
Night-time45 dB(A)
General residential areasDay-time55 dB(A)
Night-time40 dB(A)
Residential areasDay-time50 dB(A)
Night-time35 dB(A)
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