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Controller for exterior surface heating and band heaters

Ice-free and safe

Intelligent control systems to ensure your comfort and safety while saving energy. In combination with band heaters and exterior surface heater mats, Dimplex controllers and sensors provide ice-free surfaces and gutters, and prevent your pipes from freezing.

  • RTA 2030 (frost protection convectors for outdoors and rooms subject to high humidity levels)
  • RTA 1515-2 (controller for gutter heating)
  • RAT 060I (pipe trace controller)

We recommend using an ice detector with a suitable sensor to control larger systems.

  • EM 1773 (electronic ice and snow detector)
  • EF 3354 (ice sensor for gutters, flat roofs and parabolic aerials)

Ice detectors measure temperature and humidity via a sensor which is installed in the surface of the area to be heated. If the temperature drops below the set limit value and precipitation forms at the same time, the system is switched on. The surface is therefore not heated during periods of dry cold without precipitation.

Depending on the desired location of the heater mat or the band heater, a suitable ice sensor is selected (an ice sensor capable of withstanding stresses caused by vehicles or pedestrians), or a sensor for gutters, flat roofs and parabolic aerials. The sensor is mounted in the location where precipitation is expected to occur first.

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