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ThermoComfort duo-electronic storage heaters

Low series storage heater

VNDi ... C
VNDi ... C

  • Digital electronic duo charge controller with 2 control inputs for optional connection to DC charge controls (0.91 - 1.43 V) or to AC charge controls (230 V AC, 230 % operating time)

  • AC control system in older systems adjustable from 80 % operating time to 72/68 % operating time or to 37/40% operating time

  • High-grade hard-shell core thermal insulation made of natural vermiculite combined with Microtherm®

  • 5 selectable switch-off temperatures for charge optimisation

  • Positive/negative fault behaviour adjustable on the duo charge controller

  • Integrated thermal enable contactor

  • Suitable for direct control without heating contactor

  • Infinitely variable manual selection of the charge volume for operation without charge control

  • Discharging via special accessory wall-mounted or integrated room temperature controller

  • High-performance, low-noise radial fan

  • Operator control in the control recess of the front panel

  • Heating element kit for optimised device adaptation to charge type and heat consumption

  • An additional daytime rate heater can be installed as a special accessory for additional/transitional heating

  • Powder-coated sheet metal casing

  • Casing colour traffic white (similar to RAL 9016), air outlet grid birch grey

  • Delivery form: casing, brick bundles and heating element kit

  • VDE approved

  • Rated voltage: 3/N/PE ~400 V. 50 Hz

Technical data

Article no.Rated powerNumber of brick bundlesBrick bundle typeSizeWidthHeightDepthWeight
VNDi 30C/HNi 3024VNDi 30C/HNi 3024 34603024008Kolli 25NN 30E890484250156
VNDi 30C/HNi 3030VNDi 30C/HNi 3030 3460403000
VNDi 36C/HNi 3629VNDi 36C/HNi 3629 346050290010N 36E1040191
VNDi 36C/HNi 3636VNDi 36C/HNi 3636 3460603600
VNDi 43C/HNi 4334VNDi 43C/HNi 4334 346070345012N 43E1190226
VNDi 43C/HNi 4343VNDi 43C/HNi 4343 3460804300
VNDi 50C/HNi 5040VNDi 50C/HNi 5040 346090400014N 50E1340261
VNDi 50C/HNi 5050VNDi 50C/HNi 5050 3461005000

Depth plus 35 mm wall connection

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