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Bildnummer Bildbezeichnung Fotograf / Urheber Bildagentur
17082707 mädchen mit weihnachtstrumpf fritzi braun Fotolia.com
23251190 happy young businessman on spring field Iakov Kalinin Fotolia.com
10499184 Puzzleteile zusammenfügen imageteam Fotolia.com
41379611 Mechanic olly Fotolia.com
34678785 soccer Vividz Foto Fotolia.com
34261178 5 Star Rating cirquedesprit Fotolia.com
30604599 Funny guy showing your product NinaMalyna Fotolia.com
43723764 Frau mit Sparschwein hält Daumen hoch Robert Kneschke Fotolia.com
37083747 Altbau Bad Pixelwolf Fotolia.com
45431743 Burning lantern Elena Schweitzer Fotolia.com
39840526 hand holding eco house icon in nature ponsulak Fotolia.com
33345345 Ökostrom SP-PIC Fotolia.com
42065987 Smart Grid S.John Fotolia.com
35792518 rendered smart meter concept with laptop S.John Fotolia.com
47230983 Tablet Computer auf Holzschreibtisch stockWERK Fotolia.com
24896461 Jubiläum 50 Jahre, Goldene Hochzeit, Urkunde, Siegel, Plakette ferkelraggae Fotolia.com
88620858 Mechanic checking engine Sam Edwards gettyimages
13473148 Evening Panorama Over the River Liffey honster istockphoto
74180730 Man outdoors on wall with blank arrow Martin Barraud gettyimages
12479983 Happy business man at a board room meeting Yuri istockphoto
81869191 Man looks up at light at tree canopy Gary John Norman gettyimages
28195090 Four leaf clover Zeljko Radojko shutterstock
81712240 Man touching shape Image Source gettyimages
86196616 Globe centered in arrow keys of a game pad Dieter Spannknebel gettyimages
86494389 Giant redwood trees in Redwoods National Park, California Jupiterimages gettyimages
91559275 Electronics engineer performing visual check of circuit board ADAM GAUL T/SPL gettyimages
dv1686014 Thirty something Couple on a Sofa Reading Magazines Brendan Byrne gettyimages
5419634 MRI machine Hirkophoto istockphoto
2716552 clean white truck driving on highway Unbekannt istockphoto
10305449 Thumbs up AntoYdur istockphoto
109720851 Performance Mark Evans gettyimages
15795534 Idea TommL istockphoto
15612057 Architect designer small_frog istockphoto
14686615 Couple hugging home nyul istockphoto
4623024 silver calculator series peepo istockphoto
20539280 field of daisies and perfect sky akov Kalinin shutterstock
35451901 protractor and pencils isolated on the white svand shutterstock
79549633 engineer's work table Denis Vrublevski shutterstock
89600109 The blueprints blue jean images gettyimages
200411678-001 Young woman standing on sand dune holding out shawl in wind, side view Ciaran Griffin gettyimages
71673817 Close-up of a girl flying a kite Rubberball/Mike Kemp gettyimages
98211328 Girl taking bubble bath. Katrina Wittkamp gettyimages
45813079 Closeup of people shaking hands strixcode Fotolia.com
9761858 Young girl with remote-control. ant236 Fotolia.com
dv1996060 Thirty something Couple Sitting on a Sofa in a Modern Living Room Brendan Byrne gettyimages
26718364 Computer key - Refresh symbol jurgenfr istockphoto
42-45559483 Mother and daughter carrying balloon Chev Wilkinson corbisIMAGES
42-34722883 Gears and wrenches Visual Mozart corbisIMAGES
42-27489497 Worker in hard-hat looking at gauges Dan Bannister corbisIMAGES
42-15717471 Woman Peering Through At Sign Tom Grill corbisIMAGES
42-30143947 Germany, Ebenhausen, Close up of advertising board in repair garage Tom Chance corbisIMAGES
42-15529703 Business Foresight Tom Grill corbisIMAGES
42-21781107 Shirt with sale tag Kate Kunz corbisIMAGES
42-25847190 Warehouse worker carrying boxes in aisle Ian Lishman corbisIMAGES
42-16389293 Architectural tools and blue prints Tetra corbisIMAGES
42-18594705 Man Using Computer Tim Pannell corbisIMAGES
42-21781237 Man using PDA and laptop Kate Kunz corbisIMAGES
42-21781289 Stacks of notebooks Kate Kunz corbisIMAGES
CB012180 Swiss Army Knife and Mechanical Parts Andrew Unangst corbisIMAGES
6490870 Swedish midsummer pole with typical weather Superhoop istockphoto
42-19506884 Businesspeople laughing during meeting Duane Osborn corbisIMAGES
42-19156732 Laptop Keyboard with Pencil nicht angegeben corbisIMAGES
42-19215669 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb nicht angegeben corbisIMAGES
42-17178136 Christmas Star Decoration Lying in Snow Colin Anderson corbisIMAGES
42-15445527 Executive training employees nicht bekannt corbisIMAGES
42-15345856 Christmas presents under the christmas tree nicht bekannt corbisIMAGES
42-15349729 Computer keyboard nicht bekannt corbisIMAGES
42-15358710 Easter eggs hanging on twigs ImageShop corbisIMAGES
42-15513167 Hand on Computer Mouse JLP/ Deimos corbisIMAGES
42-15560771 Exploding Fireworks Ocean corbisIMAGES
CSM107446 Shopping Cart Symbol on Keyboard Key William Whitehurst corbisIMAGES
EV106-039 Businesswoman Reading Computer Screen Image Source corbisIMAGES
RF4472351 Shaking Hands nicht bekannt corbisIMAGES
RF4847232 Executive on the Telephone nicht bekannt corbisIMAGES
42-33807878 USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, young woman filling application form Daniel Grill corbisIMAGES
4640740 Architecture II Fabricio Simeoni istockphoto
19085182 financial data analyzing - Bild pagadesign istockphoto
7321747 Blueprints & Drawing Tools - Bild akrp istockphoto
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