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Heat load calculator for estimating the approximate heat consumption and the type of storage heaters and direct heating devices.

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Heat Load Calculator

Procedure for estimating the approximate heat consumption and the size of storage heaters and direct heating devices

At Dimplex you will find anything - except compromises. Dimplex offers an extraordinary choice of storage heaters. We can provide the ideal heater to suit any room situation:

  • correct heating capacity,
  • suitable dimensions,
  • reliable technology.

For an initial dialog with your customer, an approximate estimate of the heating requirement is often sufficient.

A useful instrument in this context is the Dimplex online heat load calculator which quickly produces usable results even if the information required in accordance with DIN EN is incomplete or imprecise (e.g. in the case of older buildings).

The automated planning tool facilitates device selection and supports you actively in submitting your quotation.

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